About Our Practice

sailboatOur Mission

Delaware Family Center will enhance the lives of individuals, families and organization by offering the highest quality, cost-effective mental health services to our clients. Through community education, assessment, crisis intervention, counseling and therapy, consultation and training, and professional development, Delaware Family Center will address the needs of those seeking our services.

Our Practice Philosophy

Delaware Family Center is a group of psychologists, mental health counselors, and social workers dedicated to the belief in the inherent worth of every individual. Our responsibility is to facilitate personal growth and relationship enhancement by providing a confidential, therapeutic and otherwise supportive environment for our clients and their loved-ones. We believe that an individual can benefit from accessing accurate relevant information, adequate emotional support, competent therapeutic intervention and the opportunity to develop life skills. We believe that parents and other adults in the lives of children need substantial support from the community to best deal with the most important issue of raising children. Delaware Family Center holds strongly to the belief that clients are entitled to competent, ethical, confidential and respectful treatment by all staff members.

Our Orientation

The clinicians who make up the clinical staff at Delaware Family Center are from a wide variety of training settings and theoretical orientations including cognitive-behavioral, gestalt/existential-humanistic, psychodynamic / systems theory, EMDR, and addiction recovery approaches. Continuing education and training mandated by our professional affiliations is an integral part of our professional development and an ethical commitment that we take seriously.